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The Birthday List is definitely one of the most heartfelt, well written love story I've read this year. Once again, Devney Perry never dissapoints and this book is an exceptionally written story that is well thought out with angst, love, healing, and emotional, and moving on.

Five years after the tragic and sudden death of her husband, Poppy Maysen is still grieving the loss and is barely living, just going through the motion of life. Things are hard for Poppy, but one day she had the idea to honor her late husband Jamie's memory by going through the birthday list that he never got to complete before he passed away. She's hoping to eventually move on and be able to live a little.

Enter Cole Goodman, the police officer who informed Poppy years ago that her husband passed away. It has been years, but Cole remembers Poppy like yesterday. They meet again when Poppy was doing one of Jamie's list, and formed a friendship of sorts through that. Cole is definitely the best type of hero for this love story. He's patient, kind, not pushy, and is very accepting of Poppy and her shortcomings in moving on. He gets her, and what I love most about him is that he honors Jamie's memory and never want to replace his place in Poppy's life. He's simply a good man with good and honest intention who's attracted to Poppy, and I can't be more in love with him. Definitely not an alpha-hero, but I love Cole for what Poppy needs.

This love story is very touching. It's sweet, it's the right pace with the right amount of angst, and I'm just so in love with their relationship and friendship and how it's not exactly slow-burn but paced just right. I totally recommend this for people who wants to read something sweet and slow-burning but has everything you want in a second-chance love story.

*6 out of 5 Stars*

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L.J. SHEN! HAS DONE IT AGAIN! Another masterpiece that I can't stop reading from the very very first word.. Such an amazing book, I still have a book hangover from days away! Bane might not make my first love of Vicious done, but I love him so much. I can't get enough of him.

As the title of the book suggests, the story is about Bane, whom we've met before in Scandalous. He's not the usual alpha-type of hero, but as with most of Shen's hero quality, he's a total a-hole and has a questionable morals. He's rough, raw, has jobs that make you question your sanity for loving him nonetheless. Also.. Jesse. Jesse might just be my favorite heroine she's ever written. She's not a bitch, but she stands her ground and is a really tough cookie. She saves herself, and Bane too in this relationship. I love her and Bane's tumultuous relationship (or friendship) so much.

I love how this book is just not what I expected. As with all of her books, you just don't know where she's gonna take you but I'm telling you, trust her and you will love this book! Just trust her instinct. This book pushes boundaries and it might be uncomfortable at times but everything is wrapped nicely and the twisted drama is EVERYTHING!

Also, if you want to read this book don't forget to subscribe to L.J. Shen's newsletter so that you get the chance to read the extended epilogue she wrote for these characters. I'm so sad to be bidding farewell to these characters as I've loved the series but nonetheless I can't wait for her new series which will be about the 2nd generation called All Saints Sinners

*5 out of 5 Stars*

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Kamis, 17 Mei 2018

WHOOP! Another Louise Bay work that I love (since I’ve loved them ALL!)

The story is about Avery Walker, a 26-year old going on a break from her job being a stewardess for a luxury yacht. Looking forward to her break, she has an unexpected call to work a 2-month cruise with selected stewardess with only one passenger.

The guest is Hayden Wolf, a 32-year old british venture capitalist. Very handsome, aloof, and has the oddest demands. He has no time to get tangled up with Avery, but their mutual attraction will finally win.

This book has an angsty feel, with lightweight undertone to it that has you waiting for the other shoe to drop! I love the forbidden aspect of the story and it’s very refreshing to see a heroine like Avery who’s not a damsel in distress even though they come from a different world with different backgrounds. This story is a journey of trust, lies, mistakes, forgiveness that has you smiling until the end!

4.5 out of 5 Stars

When I first read the blurb for this book, I was just intrigued to read it. I’ve loved K.I. Lynn’s work from her previous Breach series, and though this one is very different from that series, I still love it nonetheless! It’s very steamy, angsty, and just sucks you in from the very first page.

The story is about Emma, who’s so close to finishing her MBA and finally getting rid of her job at the Cameo Hotel when she finally met Mr. Gavin Grayson, a new guest at the hotel. Her attraction to him is off-the-charts, but he treats her so bad and is constantly on her nerves! It turns out, the attraction is not one way and Gavin is so attracted to Emma he really doesn’t know how to express it.

SO. Gavin might just be my latest book boyfriend. Even though at first he is such a jerk, you really get to see this new side of him that is sweet, and dirty at the same time. Emma is a really great heroine too. Touch, strong, independent, and definitely not a doormat. Together, they are so perfect.

This book has everything I wanted; angst, forbidden-romance, and it kept me guessing what’s going to happen. I really rooted for this couple and can’t wait for them to reach their happily ever-after! 

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Rabu, 16 Mei 2018


OMG! ANOTHER K. BROMBERG GOLD!! WOW. I'm so in love with this book, I actually had a book hangover because I wanted more of this couple! This book has everything from angst, romance, sweet toe-curling love scenes.. a dirty talker, and single-dad hotness!

So the story is about Sidney Thornton. A young, adventurous woman working for her father's magazine. She came from a wealthy background, and is a total bachelorette who doesn't want family and stuff. Even so, she has to work to prove to her father that she has what it takes. When an unfortunate circumstances happen and she made a mistake, her father challenges her to save a magazine she wants no part of, in order for her to land the dream job of being an editor-in-chief of Haute, the magazine of her dreams. She came up with the idea to make a hot dad contest to save the magazine and increase hits.

Enter Grayson Malone, single-dad to the cutest boy ever Luke, he was entered into the contest unknowingly by his two Malone brothers (which you can find their story off in Cuffed and Combust). He is a very closed-off and untrusting hero due to the pain his ex did a number on him. He remembers Sidney too, from when they were in high school and Sidney was hanging out with the 'it' crown who has money and wants nothing to do with Grayson. This book was not a second-chance romance, but it does have a second-chance feel to it.

When their chemistry start to get in the way and things start to get messy, will Sidney and Grayson be able to overcome their fears, expectations, and hurdles or will they eventually go back to their respective lives?

I love love LOVE reading this book! I couldn't stop reading it, I love Grayson so much even though he has trust issues, and I love Sydney and how sweet she is to Luke. Since this is the last of the series, I do wish we get more of Sydney and Grayson, maybe a few years into their lives but nonetheless this is one of the best book I've read this year.

5 out of 5 Stars


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