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REVIEW: The Birthday List by Devney Perry

The Birthday List is definitely one of the most heartfelt, well written love story I've read this year. Once again, Devney Perry never dissapoints and this book is an exceptionally written story that is well thought out with angst, love, healing, and emotional, and moving on.

Five years after the tragic and sudden death of her husband, Poppy Maysen is still grieving the loss and is barely living, just going through the motion of life. Things are hard for Poppy, but one day she had the idea to honor her late husband Jamie's memory by going through the birthday list that he never got to complete before he passed away. She's hoping to eventually move on and be able to live a little.

Enter Cole Goodman, the police officer who informed Poppy years ago that her husband passed away. It has been years, but Cole remembers Poppy like yesterday. They meet again when Poppy was doing one of Jamie's list, and formed a friendship of sorts through that. Cole is definitely the best type of hero for this love story. He's patient, kind, not pushy, and is very accepting of Poppy and her shortcomings in moving on. He gets her, and what I love most about him is that he honors Jamie's memory and never want to replace his place in Poppy's life. He's simply a good man with good and honest intention who's attracted to Poppy, and I can't be more in love with him. Definitely not an alpha-hero, but I love Cole for what Poppy needs.

This love story is very touching. It's sweet, it's the right pace with the right amount of angst, and I'm just so in love with their relationship and friendship and how it's not exactly slow-burn but paced just right. I totally recommend this for people who wants to read something sweet and slow-burning but has everything you want in a second-chance love story.

*6 out of 5 Stars*

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