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REVIEW: Bane by L.J. Shen

L.J. SHEN! HAS DONE IT AGAIN! Another masterpiece that I can't stop reading from the very very first word.. Such an amazing book, I still have a book hangover from days away! Bane might not make my first love of Vicious done, but I love him so much. I can't get enough of him.

As the title of the book suggests, the story is about Bane, whom we've met before in Scandalous. He's not the usual alpha-type of hero, but as with most of Shen's hero quality, he's a total a-hole and has a questionable morals. He's rough, raw, has jobs that make you question your sanity for loving him nonetheless. Also.. Jesse. Jesse might just be my favorite heroine she's ever written. She's not a bitch, but she stands her ground and is a really tough cookie. She saves herself, and Bane too in this relationship. I love her and Bane's tumultuous relationship (or friendship) so much.

I love how this book is just not what I expected. As with all of her books, you just don't know where she's gonna take you but I'm telling you, trust her and you will love this book! Just trust her instinct. This book pushes boundaries and it might be uncomfortable at times but everything is wrapped nicely and the twisted drama is EVERYTHING!

Also, if you want to read this book don't forget to subscribe to L.J. Shen's newsletter so that you get the chance to read the extended epilogue she wrote for these characters. I'm so sad to be bidding farewell to these characters as I've loved the series but nonetheless I can't wait for her new series which will be about the 2nd generation called All Saints Sinners

*5 out of 5 Stars*

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