Senin, 04 Juni 2018

REVIEW: Mogul by Katy Evans

Wow! Katy Evans is back with another great read that is swoony, angsty, and very much enjoyable from the very first page!

If you’ve previously read Tycoon, then you’ve met the heroine in this book, Sara. She met the mysterious guy on a taxi on her way to work, and they had such incredible chemistry that she can feel it. It turns out, the guy is none other than a guest at the hotel she’s working as the concierge for. They had a very very steamy one night stand, and left it at that. She left without knowing his name, and no informations were exchanged.

A few weeks later, they both can’t stop thinking about each other and their night together. Their paths cross once again when Sara was supposed to walk her customer’s dog. It turns out, her sexy one night stand is the customer’s grandson!

They reconnected (because hello, chemistry) but circumstances just made it hard for it to be anything more. Will Sara and Ian Ford have a chance to see where it goes, or will their past shortcomings be in the way?

I really love this book. I had a great book hangover after reading this one. It is definitely way hotter than any of Katy Evan’s previous books I’ve read and Sara and Ian are just EVERYTHING! I REALLY WANT MORE OF THEM! Please do yourself a favor and read this book. STAT

*5 out of 5 Stars*
*Note: I received an ARC for this title but it doesn’t affect my opinions.

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