Kamis, 13 April 2017

Buy Me, Sir by Jade West

Wow! I need to take a breath after reading this one and sort my thoughts. Definitely a VERY different book than what I'm used to, and this is the first time I read anything from Jade West. But man, this book makes you on edge the whole time you read it, push your boundaries, and somehow.. I AM OKAY WITH IT! It keeps me turning the pages, it's so insane how much I'm hooked!

Melissa Martin is a 19 year old who takes care of her baby sister and lives with her gay best friend. Ever since she was 16, she has been obsessed with Alexander Henley, a criminal defense attorney that she met on a school event. Lissa has a plan in place to lure Alexander of her charm, and this book is all about her plan and how she finally be with Alexander.

I have to be honest, Lissa is a very determined and quick person, she has an amazing trait for 19 years old. Her fascination with Alexander is borderline obsession, but she is nothing if not thorough with her plan.

This book is all about the uncommon circumstances, forgiveness, and being able to accept. I love reading it, couldn't put it down, and it has crazy KINKY scenes! I kid you not, this is probably the kinkiest book that I've ever read in my life. LOL. I gotta love Alexander though! He's so dominating and just an overall mysterious character that I still couldn't quite relate to until the very end of the book, which is what makes him amazing.

*4.5 out of 5 Stars*

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