Selasa, 04 April 2017

The Divorce by Nicole Strycharz

Wow! Such an angsty but funny book! I never read anything from this author before, but wow this book was really good!

The story opens up about Jenzy who is feeling like her husband, Chris doesn't love her anymore. So she decided one day to move out and file for divorce. Blindsided, Chris tries to win Jenzy back while figuring out what went wrong in the relationship (or what happened that made Chris act so poorly toward Jenzy). I like this book, and I cried a few times reading it because seeing how much Jenzy struggles is so hard to swallow. I feel like when it comes to Chris, she can be a bit of a doormat and has a hero-worship type of look toward Chris. She never really look at him in a bad form and is always supporting him no matter the circumstances in their relationship.

Chris, however, is a different story. What made me cry from time to time is how much he is realizing that what he did was so wrong and so selfish SO MANY TIMES I feel like sometimes smacking his head. He really is clueless and a very career-driven type of guy so he doesn't really understand the depth of pain he's putting on Jenzy. It's so heart-breaking but when they actually overcome that, it's a great story.

I do however would like to note that at the end of the book I feel like things did not really wrap up how I wanted it to be. Readers don't really see what happens to them after all and we don't see an epilogue or anything like that. Also, Chris is a character that I can't really connect with, but if Jenzy loves him I guess I'll give him a chance. LOL!

*4.5 out of 5 Stars*

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