Minggu, 23 April 2017

Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne

An opposites attract rom-com! WHOOP! Lauren Layne is back with her Love Unexpectedly series and it's a HIT! This is the best book in the series I've read (so far) and it has EVERYTHING in it I just bask in happiness glow after finished reading it.

Seriously though, this book is EVERYTHING! I feel like whatever you feel like reading, READ THIS BOOK! lol.. So on to the review...

Georgie is a very lovable heroine. A socialite, daughter of wealthy parents and a trust fund baby that is NOT spoiled, but warm, witty, sassy, and very sweet she is a people person that drew people in and is warm towards others, never looking down on people. Andrew Mulroney is a young but notable divorce attorney in the city, he comes off as stuffy and rigid at first, but you can't help but grew to love him and how awkward he is. I love the banter and sexual tension that they never realize they have, it's such a slow-burn type of love that is not rushed and even their friendship at first is forced. This is such a funny entertaining book you can't help but read in one sitting.

I love EVERYTHING about this book, and I just want more of Andrew and Georgie!

*5 out of 5 Stars*

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