Minggu, 07 Mei 2017

REVIEW: Dr. OB (St. Luke's Docuseries) by Max Monroe

Woohoo! Max Monroe is back, and the author is giving us 3 new books in a brand new St. Luke's Docuseries based on the doctors of St. Luke's Hospital!

The story is about Will Cummings (if you've read Max Monroe's previous series, he is the brother of Georgia from Tapping the Billionaire) a head Obgyn doctor at St. Luke's hospital that is given the opportunity to film a new docuseries about his practice. Only, when the filming is done and everything wraps up... he is being potrayed with the producers of the TV Series as this 'hot sexy scandalous' doctor. He didn't sign up for that.

Enter Melody Marco, his new nurse that is extremely sweet and just likable, and Will is in a hard place where he can't seem to stop thinking about her and his chances for dating her. They have mutual attraction and great chemistry, and Will is such an endearing sweet character for me to read. Melody is also a funny and sweet character too. However, Will is not the type of character that I like in my heroes. He's more of a beta hero with his awkwardness and less self-assurance.

The story is very sweet and cute, it's got heat in it too. The twist (or conflict) at the end is not really how I would picture it, because it seems kind of out of character for Will to do.. but it's still an enjoyable read.

*4 out of 5 Stars*

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