Minggu, 07 Mei 2017

REVIEW: The House Mate by Kendall Ryan

The House Mate is the third stand-alone book in the rommates series by Kendall Ryan. I've loved every one of the previous book and I love this one too.

The story is about bachelor Max Alexander that is thrown off-balance when an old girlfriend dropped off a one-year old baby girl on his doorsteps and giving him the shock of his life.. While he is in need of a baby sitter, Addison is desperate for a new job after the latest bad relationship she had. She is a little different from how I usually liked my heroine; a little shy, and self-conscious.

With Addison living as a live-in nanny in Max's house, they develop feelings and attraction toward each other.

I love this book and how it progresses. Granted, some things felt rushed and just insta-like, but overall it is an interesting light read with enough angst for me.

*4 out of 5 Stars*

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