Selasa, 16 Mei 2017

REVIEW: Sex God by Marie Force

WEE! I just finished reading this one fast-paced book by Marie Force, and it was quite entertaining! If you are looking for no-hassle type of romance that is very much straight to the point, I will definitely recommend this one.

The story is about Lauren and Garrett have been best friends since elementary school. Neither of them ever have the guts to cross the friendship line, but they do secretly harbor feelings toward each other. When one night of passion didn't quite work out for them, they decided to stay best friends without ever mentioning it again. However, Lauren does have hangups when it comes to sex, and Garrett wants to prove to her that nothing is wrong with her or how she is in bed. They decided to both give it one more chance to sleep together.. And WOW. Did I mention this book is hot with a capital H?

While feelings resurfaced and both of them face the reality that it might be more than what they signed up for, Garrett is conflicted with his dreams to move out of Marfa and start his career in Austin is almost to a fruition. We get to see them making hard choices for their life..

*4 out of 5 Stars*

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