Minggu, 07 Mei 2017

REVIEW: P.I.T.A. by Brooke Blaine

SQUEALING! This book is rom-com on crack! It's just so funny and it won't make you stop smiling and giggling like a school girl!

This is the first book from Brooke Blaine that I've read, and I LOVE THIS BOOK! It has everything a good romantic comedy should have. Everybody should go and grab this book RIGHT. ABOUT. NOW!

So the story is about Paige and Dawson, who is practically enemies that live close to each other. However, right from the start you just KNOW that deep inside they like each other to a certain degree and just can't express how they're attracted to each other. Obviously, the heroine is very sassy and funny and (at times) can be very child-like, but I just LOVE Dawson! He's so sweet and awkward, and I love how he is with Paige. He just can't help but be awkward but it's just SO HIM!

Their story progresses at a very reasonable manner, I feel like it's not too rushed nor too slow, it's just the right pacing. I love that readers get to see another side of Dawson *brows wagging* (If you know what I mean) but how heartfelt he is about Pita..

For rom-com book lovers, this is A TOP RECOMMENDATION!

*5 stars out of 5*

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