Minggu, 14 Mei 2017

REVIEW: Duke of Manhattan by Louise Bay

YEEHO! Louise Bay came out with her latest installment of King/Prince and now.. DUKE! These books are all stand-alones, but they are inter-connected so it's best if you read them in order of publishing: King of Wallstreet, Park Avenue Prince, and then Duke of Manhattan.

To be honest, I just knew I would love this book regardless of the twists and turns, and it turns out I am right! Louise Bay once again wrote something that has everything in it, a little bit of angst, swoony romance hero, amazing storyline, and just overall a great book to read!

The story is about Scarlett King who is recently divorced because she is told their marriage (and in essence, her) is boring, and Ryder Westbury, an english men looking to have fun for a night. They had a one night stand that they both can't stop thinking about, only to find out they will be working together in an office capacity. Both the hero and heroine are very very likable characters, and you can relate to both of them and the problems that they face due to insecurities and problems they had beforehand.

Without spoiling anything at all, just know that this is a great read for me and took a surprising turn right from the start. I suggest going in blind because the author took the book on a very fun adventure and I love their journey.

*4.5 out of 5 Stars*

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