Selasa, 21 Februari 2017

Preston's Honor by Mia Sheridan

When it comes to Mia Sheridan's A Sign of Love series, I always give a 5 star rating. Why? Because, Mia Sheridan.

Her latest novel is inspired from the star sign Gemini. This story is about second-chances, friendship, life, society, and feeling like you belong somewhere. It's a very profound story that I can't help but being drawn to, and just FEEL.. It touches you in places you didn't think you will ever consider and just made you think about a lot of things.

The story is about 3 friends, Annalia DelValle, and her twin friends, Preston and Cole Sawyer. Lia and her mother lives not far from The Sawyers, as Lia's mother was an illegal immigrant worker at The Sawyer Farm and lives at their old barn. Her life is about poverty, and she struggles with fitting in especially when they all went to the same school together. She has always loved both of them, but she knows Preston is the one who has her heart in a romantic way. She decided to stay out of their way to not be a bother to them and not embarrass them by being her friend. You see, growing up she is conditioned to think that she is the devil's child and doesn't belong. What little friends she had, is Preston and Cole.

As the three of them grew up together, the dynamic of their friendship changed. The boys are both attracted to her, but then only one can go for her and date her. When a tragedy happens again, They are forced to change their dynamic again and question everything.

In the prologue you will read and question what happened to Lia and why she did the things she did, but we get an explanation of why and a clear understanding of her as a person and her struggle to hopefully be able to forgive her actions.

This is a beautiful book that I just don't want to part with, with amazing epilogue. Recommended!

*5 out of 5 Stars*

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