Sabtu, 25 Maret 2017

Devil You Know by L.A. Fiore

This book is an amazing start to a new series of interconnected stand-alones. I read it in one sitting because I just can't help but devour it. It's really good, angsty, heart breaking at times but you can't help but love these characters. L.A. Fiore has become one of my favorite go-to authors because all her books I've read I just love it. They have so much angst, romance, humor, and everything mixed in between.

This story is about Thea and Damian who met in high school. Thea was Damian's best friend's sister and what started as a crush between the two ended up blossoming to a beautiful connection. What I love about this book, is that given the circumstances, the author really did not put Thea and Damian awkward given he is her brother's best friend. If anything, Thea's family is very accepting and I love Thea's family. Damian came from a broken family with an emotionally abusive mother whom he hates, and he is the ultimate broken hero.

What I love about this book is that it spans to a decade (13 years) that is just so believable and paced beautifully with the right amount of angst. You see these characters drawn to each other at the wrong time and they finally be together when the circumstances are right. It's a wonderful thing to read. You'll just love Thea, and although Damian is a brooding type of character, you'll FEEL for him too.

Amazing book.

*5 out of 5 Stars*

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