Sabtu, 11 Maret 2017

Dirty Doctor by Whitney G.

WOOHOO! Whitney G. strikes again with another hot-hot-hot novella filled with humor, romance, and steamy scenes.

I wonder how she does this! This novella is everything you would want in a quick read. It's very steamy, right to the point, and wraps up really nicely.

Meet Dr. Ashton, who has an online friendship with JERSEYGIRL7 that surprisingly was his latest resident doctor, Natalie Madison. Their connection is scorching-hot, the scenes are so steamy you will love reading these.

It is a novella so it will be fast-paced, but anything Whitney G. publishes we just have to absorb as much right? RIGHT!

Love this quick read so much!

*4.5 out of 5 Stars*

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