Rabu, 08 Maret 2017

Sway by Adriana Locke

What a great start to a series! Leaves me wanting more about the brothers and the sisters in the Landry Family!

Meet Barrett Landry, Savannah's most eligible bachelor, mayor, and candidate for Governor of Georgia and the ultimate playboy who goes through women like he goes through underwear. One night, he met a beautiful woman unlike any other he's met before, Alison Baker who doesn't fall for his charm.

This is a very refreshing book in a sense that even though they have an instant connection, their story and love didn't just happen all of a sudden. Alison is a great heroine with a good head on her shoulder and she is a single mom who always puts her son's needs before her, therefore she didn't want to divulge into the relationship at first. Barrett and Alison's relationship didn't start until about the 30% of the book so I love it. Barrett is also a very amazing hero that you just can't help but love, because despite his womanizing ways he realizes early on that Alison is different and treaded the water carefully and he always thinks of her and her son as a whole-deal package that he is so sweet to Huxley (Alison's son).

I love this book so much, it's not as much political as other books I've read because the focus is how they manage to be true to who they are and compromising what they do for what they want (ultimately, being together) and even though I haven't read any of Adriana Locke's work before, I'm a convert now!

*5 out of 5 Stars*

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