Minggu, 05 Maret 2017

The Hot One by Lauren Blakely

LOL! Funny, swoony book with funny heroes and sweet heroine! I love Lauren Blakely's books in general, but her One Love Series (series of standalones) are so funny and endearing!

Tyler Nichols and Delaney Stewart were each others' 'The one that got away', and when a chance encounter in a park meet them again, Tyler decided to pursue Delaney again remembering how good they were together.

This book is a second-chance romance type of book but I genuinely love how Lauren Blakely brought these characters together with Tyler's funny ways and it's just a sweet romance. Delaney, however for me really is a kicka** character. I love how she has a backbone and is a very sassy character, a strong woman with a good head on her shoulder.

This is a very delightful book to read and review because it's just one of those books you will love reading. I swear, grab this light-type of read anytime and make your day!

*5 out of 5 Stars*

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